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HEALTHCARE MARINE is a Scottish company specialising in global pharmaceutical and medical supply.

About Healthcare Marine

We work with major operators in the marine and offshore industries worldwide to deliver medicines, medical equipment and services in responsive and professional manner.  Our personalised service enables us to respond quickly to requests from clients and provide ‘one to one’ support.  Our specialist diving support products also meet the needs of crew in all diving operations.


Dri-Ear drops contain Acetic Acid 2% in Aqueous Aluminium Acetate Otic
Solution can be used to treat bacterial and fungal infections in the tube canal. It is also used to keep the ear canal dry to prevent infection caused by moisture in the ear.

Dri-Ear Drops contain Acetic Acid 2% in Aqueous Aluminium Acetate Otic Solution and can be used in the prevention of outer ear infections (external otitis) by drying the ear canal and arresting the development of bacterial and fungal growth.

The drops are supplied in either 5ml or 10ml plastic, non-pressurised bottles, designed for individual use with no specialised storage requirements (room temperature 8 to 25 degrees centigrade) and have
an expiry period of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Healthcare Marine supply worldwide to companies involved with diving operations and wholesale the product to other marine medical suppliers.

Being more cost-effective than similar branded products and more effective than over the counter products, Dri Ear Drops are the product of choice for professional and amateur divers.


Healthcare Marine can provide all categories of medical gas equipment and gases. 

We specialise in the marine and offshore sectors and can ensure a speedy response providing invaluable support for our customers.


Healthcare Marine have considerable experience in servicing and calibrating medical equipment such as ECG machines, Vitalographs, intoximeters. 

Partnered with industry-leading providers, we can facilitate a fast and effective turnaround on equipment vital to the viability of any medical provision; providing all necessary documentation and, when necessary, substitute equipment.


Healthcare Marine DMAC Medical Equipment Kits are supplied containing all the medical equipment, drugs and fluids required to comply with DMAC 015 Rev 4 recommendations.

Contents are divided into individually labelled, quickly accessed boxes according to clinical grouping making rapid access to the relevant equipment possible in the event of an emergency. 

Supplied in a Pelicase; a secure, durable and robust storage solution, the Healthcare Marine DMAC kit is easily transferred between dive sites.

All boxes are sealed and dated for ease of inspection and security. Healthcare Marine are able to monitor “kit viability” to ensure medicines and sterile items stay “in date”. 

Kits can be customised to suit your company requirement.


We can provide inspection and certification services for vessels in all Scottish ports and selected ports in England.  We inspect and certify to the following regulations and recommendations: 

MSN 1768 (M+F) regulations 1995 for ships’ medical stores applying to merchant shipping and fishing vessels (medical stores).

UKOOA Industry guidelines for First-Aid & Medical Equipment on Offshore Installations – Issue 1 December 2000.

Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) Rev. 4 – December 2014 for medical equipment to be held at the site of an offshore diving operation.


We provide a comprehensive removal and authorised destruction of expired medicines and medical equipment from vessels of all types and offshore installations.  

The presence of expired or partially used medicines and equipment on a vessel or offshore installation provides the potential for the improper and unsafe use of medicines and medical products if not separated and removed from the medical stores.  

The properly documented removal by Healthcare Marine and subsequent destruction by authorised contractors is an important risk management process.


We understand that the requirement for a DMAC Kit might only be required for the duration of a single diving project and that buying one is a significant cost to be added to the project.

We are delighted to offer customers the option to hire a kit for a specific period of time in order to reduce costs and avoid having a redundant kit at the end of a job.

We can supply a full DMAC Rev 15 kit including drugs for a monthly charge.  Due to MHRA regulations drugs cannot be re-used after supply to any customer therefore the full cost of a drugs kit must be charged.  All other items will only be charged for if they are used or damaged in some way.  All individual units in the kit are security sealed making it simple to manage.  No charge will be made for items that expire or are approaching their expiry date. 

Healthcare Marine

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